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"Your products are second to none."

Your products are second to none. The Hex-logic pads delivered superior results during the reconditioning of project Ferrari. The client was extremely pleased and excited to once again see the shine of a better then new Ferrari. A final double coat of E-zyme took the paint depth and reflectivity to a new level,. the finish was amazing. Thanks Chemical Guys!

- Wax used: Chemical Guys E-zyme Natura:

Chemical Guys - Testimonials Chemical Guys - Testimonials Chemical Guys - Testimonials Chemical Guys - Testimonials Chemical Guys - Testimonials

Chemical Guys Team :

Our local performance Glasgow Bentley, requested some products to be dropped off for their valet dept While I was there I couldn't help but notice a nice little Aston Martin. 

Turns out they had a customer due the next morning to view it and it was needing some paint correction .Luckily enough I had some time and some products with me .Caledonia was using our premises and I decided to give him a call to ask for assistance as time was going to be against me as the service dept required the valet bay back earlier than expected :mad: 

The car itself was in not bad condition apart from quite a lot of etching over various parts of the car . 
Here is an example of what i was up against

First up was to give the car a basic wash and then dry with a Miracle Dryer ,then get it inside to do some correction work 

As time was against me I struggled to get some decent pictures of the process 

Correction was achieved with Chemical Guys new Polish No. 323 and the new Chemical Guys Hex Logic Black Finishing Pads 

With the new Polish my process involved spritzing the new pads with some Chemical Guys Pad Conditioner ,the main benefit being a massive reduction in dusting ,although the new polish was designed for minimal dusting and maximum performance 

Application via rotary began with spreading the polish at speed 1 ,and slowly working the speed up to around 1800 rpm for correction .The polish itself seemed remarkably easy to use with little or no dusting 

LSP used was EZyme paste wax ,it even attracted a few mechanics over who were enquiring about the smell of the wax in the service bay LOL. More importantly remember the etching from earlier ? 

This car was a pleasure to work on and the flake that was popping was stunning to say the least 

Chemical Guys - Testimonials Chemical Guys - Testimonials

It was time for the baby to go to the showroom in time for the potential buyer arriving in the morning ,in the showroom the valet 
dept would dress the tyres etc

Here are a few outside shots

Many thanks to Caledonia for helping me out :thumb

Hi Chemical Guys:

I have tried many other wax boosters, some costing double or triple what Blitz cost. I couldn't wait to try it, so as soon as the FedEx guy dropped it off... away I went. I applied Blitz to a section of my hood I had cleaned with One Waterless Car Wash (another review), This stuff PERFORMS! Easy on, easy off. Buffs to a ridiculous shine! I will update on durability in a few weeks. Thanks Chemical Guys!
UPDATE: 7/17/2007 Ok, I applied Blitz on half of my hood on June 30. I have washed my car twice since then using Citrus Wash & Gloss and the water is STILL beading. This stuff is great! Go Chemical Guy's!
Joshua Bachman - Ferndale, MI United States

Chemical Guys - Testimonials

Hi Chemical Guys! 

My name is Josh Flint and I am a young car enthusiast. I recently 
tried your limited edition 50/50 paste wax on my vehicle. I was truly AMAZED by the results! I own a 1999 Chevy s10 that is built from the ground up. The truck includes custom House of Kolors paint sprayed by Nick Santana at Squirty's and pin stripping done by Tom McWeeney at Kustoms Inc, Vortech supercharger, engine upgrades from sts performance, tons of carbon fiber done by Fiber images, front and rear Baer brakes, Budnik wheels, a 2000 GMC Envoy front clip, Phillips HID headlights, tons of custom one-off machined parts from Gary at A&C Precision machining, custom tubular upper and lower control arms, custom six link airbag suspension, powder coated frame, AND 
MUCH MORE. The truck is definitely a eye catcher that stands out from the rest. I attend tons of cars shows that are sponsored by car care companies such as Mothers, 
and Maguireís. I have to say that I have tried there products and they donít even compare to Chemical Guys! Some upcoming shows that I will be showing my truck at include=Ludikris show(Saturday August 15, 2009), 
Thunder On The Lot(June 14, 2009), Oktoberfest(September 20, 2009), SEMA show (November 3-6, 2009). I love your product and plan on spreading the word, if any type of sponsorship is available I would love the help. I have attached a picture. 
of the truck.....

..Thanks, Josh Flint

Chemical Guys - Testimonials

Dear CG,
In my line of work quality is everything. I have purchased so many expensive, low quality, over-hyped products in the past that promised the world but delivered very little. My detailers only have one priority, to keep my fleet looking top notch when I am home. The quality of your products is truly unmatched, the stuff is amazing. The combination of Jetseal with your E-zyme on m Bentley is simply breathtaking. I am not one to promote for anyone but your stuff deserves to be promoted. Money is never an issue when it comes to quality and results. I can't believe how inexpensive your stuff is compared to products I have purchased in the past....and the results have never been better. Here is a quick shot of your products at work. Fantastic products!
Peter North.

Chemical Guys - Testimonials