1974 Mercedes 450 SL R10

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1974 Mercedes 450 SL R107original paint

This is Adams pride and joy, but the paint was really bad, not just light scratches, lots of deep ones. But this was original 1974 paint with no clear coat so he didn’t want to polish it as that would remove paint. So he cleaned it with cleanslate and citrus wash n gloss and his chemical guys foam cannon and 2 bucket kit, he dried it with his go to super soft woolly mammoth tow el (best drying towel to avoid scratches) . Then he clayed it with plenty of clay lube. Then he applied 2 layers of white light glaze to fill in all the minor (and some not so minor) scratched and imperfections in the paint and to make the white really p op and shine. Then he added 2 layers of butter wet wax. He also waxed the glass windscreen and head and tail lights, and the wheels and chrome trim. It looked like a new car! And the water beaded not just off the paint, but also of the windscreen which was a great bonus and the wipers are not that great. He maintains it with citrus wash n gloss, and adds more butter wet wax every 2 - 3 months. Every 12 months he gives it a birthday, clean slating it back and repeating the process.


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