Black paint to mirror

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Mercedes-Benz V6 van with badly scratched and hologramed paint

The Christchurch team got this Black van that was really scratched up, and had holograms from a really bad dealership polish. The whole van was also covered in Silicone spray – yuck. Adam washed the van with Cleanslate to remove the previous waxes and silicone spray, to get back to bare paint using the 2 bucket kit and the woolly mammoth towel to dry (the only towel he lets near this black van). He then had some fun on one side. He clayed it with our clay kit, and then did 3 slow passes on his goto Torq 10Fx polisher, 5.5 Orange hex pads and V36. Just a 1 step polish. He then applied Blacklight glaze, black wax, and butter wet wax. The change was amazing, from horribly hazy and scratched to mirror finish. He took these photos of him shaving in the reflection of the van, and of the mirror finish. He then drove around to show people the difference of that panel to other panels for a while. The “this is a photo of a black van” pic showing a silver car in its reflection was pretty cool. It was so shiny and mirror like that he shaved in the reflection of the van. 


Detailing flow chart:


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