NEW: Pro Wash Starter Kit

NEW: Pro Wash Starter Kit
NEW: Pro Wash Starter Kit

NEW: Pro Wash Starter Kit

Foam Cannon
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Note:  Due to covid supply issues we have upgraded the wash mitt in this kit to the premium bear claw wool pad, and both of the dirt traps are black.

Most of the scratches on peoples cars come from them washing and drying their car.  If you do one thing to improve how you detail your car it would be to start washing with 2 buckets, dirt traps, a coral reef looking wash mitt, and a soft drying towel.

We have lots of great products you could use, but these are our go-to's that we have put together for people new to Chemical Guys at special discounted prices.  

It gives you two buckets with dirt traps for each.  This is key to reducing scratches and is the easiest way to spot a pro detailer -  pros use 2 buckets: one filled with water, the other with soapy water.   You use a coral reef style wash mitt, rinse it clean in the rinse bucket filled with just water first rubbing it on the dirt trap to remove any grit that might be there, remove and squeeze the water out, then into the soap bucket, then use to wash a section of the car.  The dirt and grit on the car doesn't magically disappear, it has to go somewhere.  As you wash the long dongely bits of the mitt grab and pull the dirt and grit away from the surface of the car to reduce scratching, then you rinse it again making sure to rub it on the dirt trap at the bottom to remove any dirt and grit in the mitt, remove the mitt and squeeze the water out, then into the soap again and repeat. The grit rubbed out of the mitt falls through the dirt trap to avoid enduing up back on your mitt the next time you rinse your mitt.  Wash in straight lines, not round and round, as that way if you do have a bit of grit missed that scratches the scratch will be harder to see, as straight line scratches you have to be on the right angle to see, circular scratches you can see from nearly any angle (and they are harder to polish out) Doing this with these products dramatically reduces scratch and swirl marks.  


Once glean, use the woolly mammoth to dry to avoid water spotting.  The Woolly Mammoth is our softest thickest towel, so again, there is a lot of give if a spec of grit or dirt was missed, or if something lands on the car after washing, the woolly mammoth reduces the chances of scratching as you drag the towel across the surface.  A flatter drying towel with les depth leaves nowhere for the grit to go other than dragging across the surface and scratching it.  This is why we recommend the woolly mammoth.  Being so soft it can leave some fluff when new.

Also very important is the soap used.  There is a lot of chemistry to making a good soap, 

We have put together this kit to give you all you need to get started washing and drying your car like a pro and reducing scratching your ride.  There are two options of this kit depending on of you want a foam cannon to go on a water blaster or not.  If you opt for the foam cannon you will get the honeydew snow foam soap that foams really well and is great for cleaning with the foam cannon.  If you opt for the kit without the foam cannon you will get the citrus wash and gloss soap, that will not foam as well but will wash amazingly and give a great gloss and shine.

Here is a video that explains this in more detail:

Why a Dirt trap is important:


Our foam cannons are designed to fit the universal quick coupling that looks like this.  If this is the type of fitting on your water blaster you will not need an adapter.  If your water blaster has a different fitting you will probably need an adapter, adapters fit easily and need to be right for your water blaster, we have a huge range of them so if you think you need one please also check our range and order the right one for your machine here water blaster adapters 


If you have a fitting like this, you do not need an adapter.


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NEW: Pro Wash Starter Kit
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