Carbon Flex Vitalize Spray Sealant (16oz)
Carbon Flex Vitalize Spray Sealant (16oz)
Carbon Flex Vitalize Spray Sealant (16oz)

Carbon Flex Vitalize Spray Sealant (16oz)

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Vitalize is the unique quick detail spray specifically designed to clean, maintain and enhance ceramic or carbon based protective coatings, helping ensure the maximum protection for the longest time. 

Use This Quick Detailer To: 

  • Strengthen your existing ceramic coating
  • Quickly clean up on the go 
  • Add a brilliant shine to your protected surface
  • Give your carbon coating a boost
  • Dry your car without adding swirls or scratches

Durable Shield Protection

Using a generic detail spray on any protective coating can push abrasive particles into the coating surface, accelerating the degradation process. Vitalize safely removes dirt, dust, pollution, contamination, fingerprints, and water spots before they can damage the protective coating. Simply mist Vitalize on top of Carbon Flex C9 or your ceramic coating to ensure the maximum level of protection.

Extends The Life Of Protective Coatings

Vitalize adds protection polymers back into Carbon Flex or other protective coatings, strengthening and restoring the incredible water beading and sheeting effects. The advanced spray sealant helps protect against UV rays, contamination, discoloration, and water spots, ensuring your coating lasts its longest, all while adding a brilliant glossy shine. Use it wet or dry! 



How To Use:
  • Make sure the surface is cool to the touch before applying.
  • For best results, spray Carbon Flex Vitalize Spray Sealant then use a clean microfiber cloth to gently wipe the area clean.
  • Flip to a clean side or use a clean microfiber towel to gently buff the area dry.
  • For best results, apply Carbon Flex Vitalize Spray Sealant after every wash to ensure a perfect finish with long lasting protection.
  • Use Carbon Flex Vitalize Spray Sealant between washes to remove dust, bird droppings, fingerprints, and water spots while providing extended protection.
  • Always use a clean microfiber cloth to minimize the risk of scratching.
  • Do not use in direct sunlight.