Celeste Dettaglio-Carnauba Paste Wax

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Celeste Dettaglio Paste Wax- Show Stopper Wet Shine Blend Wax (8 oz)


Italian for “Heavenly Detail,” Celeste Dettaglio is a true show-winning paste wax formulated with nature’s highest-quality ingredients to deliver a brilliant deep shine with glowing clarity.

Use This Wax To: 

  • Repel dirt, pollution, water, and UV rays
  • Make metallic specks pop out with full 3D effect
  • Naturally achieve a glowing shine
  • Set your vehicle apart on the Concours

Secret Blend Of All Natural Ingredients

Working with Celeste is a detailer’s dream come true: easy spreadability, short curing time, and easy buffing and wiping. Chemical Guys blended Brazilian Carnauba with other all natural ingredients like natural fruit and nut oils, and locally-sourced beeswax for an enhanced deep wet brilliant shine, easy application, and durable protection for up to half a year.

Where Passion Meets Refinement

Celeste Dettaglio is hand-crafted perfection with a twist: No synthetic additives or fillers, just pure refined waxes and oils to enrich paint and maximize shine. The pure white carnauba enhances a brilliant wet shine with deep gloss and a “cooler” finish than the “warmer” coloring of unbleached yellow carnaubas. White carnauba also has the added effect of full pop and clarity on metallic flecks. 

How To Use:
  • Wash and decontaminate vehicle with a Chemical Guys premium auto shampoo and clay bar.
  • Apply a thin coat of Celeste Dettaglio Paste Wax using a premium foam applicator pad or by hand.
  • Allow 20 minute dry time.
  • Buff off using a premium microfiber towel.