NEW: Dedicated Wheel Bucket Kit

NEW: Dedicated Wheel Bucket Kit
NEW: Dedicated Wheel Bucket Kit

NEW: Dedicated Wheel Bucket Kit

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First - Start With The Wheels!

You can normally tell a pro detailer by two things at first glance:  1. they have two or more buckets, and 2.  they start with the wheels first. So that's where we are going to start - the wheels.

You really need a range of brushes to clean all of the wheel quickly and properly, as no one brush will get everywhere properly, and mucking around trying without the right range just wastes time and gets poor results. A soft flat brush for the flat surfaces or the wheel, ideally also a stiffer version for the tyres only. A long brush to clean between the spokes and the barrel of the wheel, and a detailer style brush for around the wheel nuts. Having the right gear makes it easy. I have all these in a dedicated wheel bucket with a dirt trap in the bottom. I use normally use sticky wheel gel or diablo which we sell as a concentrate so you need to dilute it in a spray bottle. I also have decon on standby, its not a cleaner but will break the chemical bond of iron from brake dust so that you can remove it, I only tend to use this when I need to. The best thing I've done on my wheels is get them mint and then put max coat wheel sealant on the mags including in the barrel, it makes is soo much easier to clean! Well worth it.


This Kit has all you need to clean your wheels like a pro.  There are two versions, One with the more expensive wheel woolies, and the other with the Rimpca brushes.  We highly recommend the Wheel woolies, they are really well made brushes that clean really well and make it easier to get into the small gaps you get on many mag wheels.  but they are quite a bit more expensive than the Rimpca brushes.  Both kit options are great and will do the job really well, but if you can make it work we'd go the upgraded wheel brush option.

Here's what you get in the kit:

A dedicated Wheel wash bucket:"

A dirt trap for your dedicated bucket to trap grit at the bottom of the bucket:

A Boars hair detailing brush for cleaning around the wheel nuts:

goat brush for cleaning around wheel nuts

A soft flat brush for cleaning the face of the wheel:

soft green wheel brush for the flat surface on wheels

Your chose of wither the Wheel woolies or Rimpca 3 brush wheel kits for cleaning between the gaps and barrels of wheels.

Upgraded Brush (Origional Wheel Woolies, made in USA):Wheel woolies kit of brushes for cleaning the gaps on mag wheels and the wheel barrel

OR Standard Brush (Rimpca):

rimpca chemical guys wheel brushes for mag wheels gaps and barrels

Please choose which type of brush you would like in the pulldown box option before adding to your cart, you need to chose either for upgraded wheel woolies brush, or the standard rimpca brush (you don't get both)


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