Easy Reach Heavy Duty Extendable Pole for Trucks, RVs, Boats and Hard to Reach Areas

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Short people have a hard time washing big cars, so Chemical Guys put a fluffy scratch-free chenille microfiber wash mitt at the end of a telescoping pole. Thanks to the Chenille Car Wash Mop, detailers of any size can now wash any large car, truck, SUV, or RV without dragging step ladders or stools across wet ground. The soft chenille wash mop head slips over the swivel frame and attaches to the lightweight pole. The aluminum pole features two telescoping segments, and extends from 34 inches to 60 inches. Keep the pole retracted to scrub vehicle sides and lower rocker panels without bending over. Extend the pole to easily clean high sidewalls, roofs, hoods, and windshields if you have a short reach. You don't need any tools to adjust the extendable mop pole; just twist to loosen, then twist back to lock in position. The extension mechanism is infinitely adjustable, so detailers can go the distance at any length without conforming to click, ratchet, or screw mechanisms intervals. Stand the pole up to store, or hang from the convenient handle loop to keep the car wash mop safely off the ground between uses. Only use the genuine Car Wash Mop Replacement Pole for your Chemical Guys Chenille Car Wash Mop for years of reliable performance with rugged durability.