NEW: 3 step Easy Shine Kit (aka the "3 Beer System")

NEW: 3 step Easy Shine Kit (aka the "3 Beer System")
NEW: 3 step Easy Shine Kit (aka the "3 Beer System")
NEW: 3 step Easy Shine Kit (aka the "3 Beer System")

NEW: 3 step Easy Shine Kit (aka the "3 Beer System")

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This is what Adam calls his "three beer system", its what he does on most of his cars and is his most recommended option to make your car look amazing with the least amount of work.  No machine polishing, no permanent cearmics, easy, fast and low risk, you can remiove all these products with our clean slate wax removeing wash is needed.


It will make your paint pop, add layers and layers of shine, give great protection and water beading, and will hide minor scratches, and imperfections.  Its so easy and super satisfyingly and a great way to get into detailing.

Not for Matte paint or matte wraps.


How it works:

First you apply the glaze.  Glaze is like makeup for cars, it fills in minor scratches and swirls, hides some imperfections, and adds shine and pop.  Choose the right glaze for your color car by clicking the right box to the right before adding to your cart.  Wet Mirror is great on all colors, but if you have a black car I'd go blacklight, if you have a white car go whitelight.  

You apply the glaze to the paint by hand with a microfiber applicator, you are just spreading it, you don't have to work it in so you can be fast.  You only apply this to the paint, not trim or windows or headlights etc.  Paint only.  Then you wait 20 mins or so (check bottle).  Then you buff the excess off by hand with a workhorse microfiber cloth (these have tiny hooks on the end to grab the product, and make the job a lot easier and faster).  The 20 minutes to wait give you your chance for your first beer.  Hence the nickname...

Then apply jetseal in the same way but with a different clean microfiber applicator, and this time apply to to the windows and headlights as well (but not rubber or black plastic).  You can also apply jetseal to metal, even where it gets hot like exhaust tips etc. 

Then another 20 mins or so (check bottle), that’s beer 2.  Then  buff off. 

Then apply wax, the same process, you can do the glass and headlights again, another 15 mins (less time), (beer 3), then buff it off as before.  Each product you use a different applicator and cloth.  Don't bunch up the cloths, have them flat and folded into quarters, flip as they get dirty (you get 8 swaps per cloth).


 Layering is a great way to add shine and depth. and this is a great kit to get amazing results quickly and easily without a polishing machine.  And at a great price.  Give it a go and let us know how you find it!


Other tips:

Before you start if you have old waxes on the car we'd recommend washing with cleanslate to remove those and then ideally claying the car.  Make sure the paint of the car is cool to touch, and ideally do this undercover or in the shade.


Note, colour of applicators and cloths may vary due to availability.

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