Get Serious 10FX Polishing Kit (13 items!)

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As requested by Hans. Includes:

- Torq 10FX Polisher with additional mounting pad.

- A Standard size 16oz/473ml bottle of each of our V range polishes - V32, V34, V36 and V38 Polish/Compound .. the whole range in decent sizes. 4 different 5.5" Hex logic pads, yellow, orange, white and black to give you a great range. Pad conditioner Pad cleaner and a pad cleaning brush. That's 13 quality items. All you need to start getting serious about polishing!

If doing a whole car, we recommend buying extra pads for the ones you think you will use a lot, the pads last a long time if looked after but you should either swap them out or stop and clean then and let them cool, about 3-4 times a car.  clogged hot pads are not effective, can damage paint, your polishing machine, and will fail earlier.  Ifs more efficient to have more pads and swap them out, then quickly clean them out at the end of the day and leave them to dry overnight.  

You will need to get a German (two round plugs) to NZ adapter for the power plug. Available at most electronic stores.  Changing the plug will void warranty.