Grime Reaper - Kills Grease And Grime, Stronger than Acid!
Grime Reaper - Kills Grease And Grime, Stronger than Acid!
Grime Reaper - Kills Grease And Grime, Stronger than Acid!

Grime Reaper - Kills Grease And Grime, Stronger than Acid!

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Our strongest cleaner, stronger than acid.  No longer manufactured, we have limited stock still available.

This isn’t for your normal cleaner, this is a specialty product.  But for the toughest grime and when all else fails reach for Grime Reaper.  We sell it mostly to truck workshops to use to clean up oil from major failures. 

“ What the #@* is this stuff!  I just sprayed it and it looks like new.  This stuff is scary” 

- Technician, Heavy Trucks Christchurch when using Grime reaper for the first time to clean a truck engine that had thrown a piston through the side of the block and everything was covered in engine oil 

    How It Works

    Chemical Guys Grime Reaper is the strongest cleaner and degreaser formulated for the toughest jobs. Engine bays, undercarriages, off-road wheels, and industrial equipment face some of the toughest punishment imaginable. Heavy contamination can clog up moving parts, promote corrosion, and ruin the look of any vehicle. Chemical Guys Grime Reaper melts dirt, grease, oil, and grime away from filthy areas. Use Grime Reaper to degrease engine bays after any major oil or coolant leaks, or on wheels to remove years of caked-on brake dust, grime, and filth. Spray Grime Reaper on undercarriages to take down heavy dirt, mud, and road salt. Grime Reaper melts away years of caked on dirt and filth to restore construction equipment to factory-fresh condition. Grime Reaper ships at full strength, and MUST be diluted before use. Banish heavy dirt, grease, and grime back to the underworld with Chemical Guys Grime Reaper.

    Reach for Grime Reaper when other all purpose cleaners and degreasers fail. Years of neglect and lack of cleaning can lead to severe dirt and grease buildup on engine bays, wheels, and undercarriage parts. Off-road vehicles and industrial equipment can get extremely filthy after just a couple normal uses. Grime Reaper simply melts away heavy contaminants quickly and easily. Use Grime Reaper to break down dried up motor oil, smeared axle grease, spilled engine coolant, and caked on dirt and grime. Spray Grime Reaper on the heavy contaminants, agitate with a part-cleaning brush, then rinse away any residue. Grime Reaper even works great on garage floor oil spills, big rig engines and wheels, tile and grout stains, fireplace bricks, patio furniture, drain grates, exhaust systems, factory equipment, and more. Deep-cleaning parts, like engine bays, is the first step in major overhaul detailing jobs, and sets the pace for the best possible results. Choose Grime Reaper to take care of the worst filth and grime on any automobile.




    Dilution Ratio

    Extremely Strong! Dilute Grime Reaper at least 20:1 before use.

    How To Use:

    • Dilute Grime Reaper to suit specific cleaning needs.
    • Grime Reaper is very strong and should be diluted at least 20:1 prior to use.
    • Spray down the filthy area and let dwell to break down heavy grease, oil, and dirt.
    • Agitate heavy contamination with a parts-cleaning brush for best results.
    • Rinse down the area with a stream of water and rinse away any residual cleaner.
    • Extremely filthy areas may require additional cleanings.
    • Follow up with any desired protection coatings, dressings, or lubricants as needed.