Heavy Duty Car Wash Mat Water Containment Mat & Water Reclamation System

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Heavy Duty Inflatable Water Containment Mat (20'x10')


Why Buy This Product?

  • Free-standing inflatable water containment mat
  • Easy and fast setup and tear own
  • Inflate and deflate from one valve
  • Perfect for containing water runoff for responsible disposal
  • 20' x 10' dimensions fit most cars, trucks, commercial machinery and more
  • 4" high bumpers capture water, dirt and grime washed from vehicles
  • Extra strong material - made from .70 mm PVC
  • Ultra-fast AC pump
  • White glove quality control inspection tests every mat for a full month
  • Comes with a carrying bag, AC pump and patch kit

Professional Products For Professional Results

The Chemical Guys Heavy Duty Water Containment Mat is the best solution for complying with water runoff regulations. Washing cars with water produces runoff full of dirt, soap, grease, grime and oil. EPA mandates and local laws often require containment and disposal of water runoff to prevent fouling of natural water resources and environmental contamination. Use the Chemical Guys Heavy Duty Water Containment Mat to capture car wash water runoff for responsible disposal. Set up and use is a breeze! Simply unroll the mat and inflate with the included heavy duty AC pump. The Heavy Duty Containment Mat is the only free-standing detailing containment mat - no need for tedious setup with heavy metal brackets or supports. Inflatable bumpers capture water which is ready to be reclaimed using your wet/dry vacuum. New and improved features include thicker, more rugged polyvinyl material, stronger seam welds, refined and strategically located valves for quick inflation and deflation, and a new and improved pump that both inflates and deflates the mat in less than 30 seconds. The Chemical Guys Professional Water Containment Mat is a vital too for responsible, eco-friendly car washing and detailing.

What's The Difference Between This Mat And ACC_M1?

Chemical Guys understands that not everyone details cars, motorcycles and light trucks. The Heavy Duty Water Containment Mat is made of .70 mm thick PVC, which is thicker and heaver than the ACC_M1 (which is still very thick and heavy duty in its own right at .48 mm thick). This mat is designed to withstand the rigors of detailing a fleet of service or delivery trucks, heavy machinery and more. If you are detailing your own car or have residential clients, use the ACC_M1. If you detail more trucks and have a commercial clientele, consider the Heavy Duty Water Containment Mat.

Easy Setup And Tear Down

The Chemical Guys Heavy Duty Water Containment Mat is the best portable, freestanding water containment system on the market. Typical water containment mats require tedious set up and use heavy metal rackets or cumbersome foam blocks to hold up the containment burms. Setting up the mat is a breeze: simply unfold and inflate with the included pump. The new and more powerful pump will fill all four containment burms in less than 30 seconds. When the job is done, simply flip the pump around and suck out all the air from the mat for a fast and easy tear down. Every Heavy Duty Water Containment Mat comes with a durable carrying bag with shoulder strap for easy storage and transportation from one job site to another.

Rugged Durability And Build Quality

The all-new Chemical Guys Heavy Duty Water Containment Mat is built with an extra heavy gauge .70 mm PVC floorpan and inflatable side burms. The rugged material is built to withstand years of detailing use with vehicles driving over them. The PVC is chemical resistant, and is not harmed by detailing products, soap, water or the dirt, grease and grime washed from vehicles. Super strong welds strengthen connections between different panels and inflatable burms for improved durability and longevity of the mat. Each mat comes with a patch kit for making quick repairs in the field should something go wrong, a heavy duty inflation pump and a durable carrying bag with shoulder strap for easy transportation and protection of your water containment investment.

Responsible Detailing

The EPA and local governments across the country enforce strict waste water runoff regulations to prevent fouling of natural water resources. Compliance with these laws mitigates environmental calamities and helps secure lucrative detailing accounts in exclusive office parks and neighborhoods. The Professional Water Containment Mat is the easiest solution for complying with water runoff regulations. Simply pull any car, truck, motorcycle or SUV onto the mat, then wash all parts normally with water, soap, foam cannon, cleaners or degreasers. All chemicals, water, grease, dirt and grime is captured on the mat before any of the waste can run into storm drains (which feed into our water systems). When done with the job, use a wet/dry vacuum system to collect the used water for proper disposal.

White Glove Inspection Service

Every Professional Water Containment Mat is fully tested and inspected over three months before leaving the Chemical Guys facility. Tests include full inflation with standardized exams to ensure the mat holds air without any leaks; checks for rips or tears in the floor pan; and quality control checks of the AC pump. The inspection services ensure that every containment mat leaves the facility 100% defect-free and ready for use. 

Due to this inspection, there are no returns on this product unless it has not been opened. An unopened return would be at the expense of the customer and would also require a restock fee.