Nice And Wet Tire Shine Trim Coating (Aerosol)

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Nice and Wet Tire Shine Protective Coating for Rubber and Plastic


Why Buy This Product?

  • Creates high gloss wet shine in one step
  • Thick foam spreads evenly over tires, bumpers, and fender liners
  • Weatherproof shine lasts for weeks
  • UV blockers shield and protect against future solar damage
  • Advanced wet shine agents create a brilliant finish
  • Perfect for low-profile trim, grilles and vents, engine bays, bumper trim, and more

How It Works

Nice And Wet Tire Shine protects, restores, and shines all rubber tires with a super wet shine. The foaming spray spreads a bright wet shine over low-profile tires, large tires, plastic bumpers, fender liners, and more! Nice And Wet Tire Shine restores a deep black look and prevents cracking and fading. Harsh UV sunlight and intense heat make plastic and rubber parts fade, look chalky and white, and even crack and break. Special UV blockers in Nice And Wet Tire Shine reject UV light like sunscreen for rubber tires and plastic bumper parts. The weatherproof formula sticks to tires and bumpers, and will not sling off, run, or drip. Moisturizing oils penetrate deep into plastic and rubber pores to nourish and restore a like-new feel and texture. Simply spray Nice And Wet Tire Shine on any clean plastic or rubber for a bright wet shine. Leave it to air dry for a glistening shine, wipe off any excess for a more “natural” wet look, or layer multiple coats for extreme wet shine that lasts for weeks. Choose Nice And Wet Tire Shine for a bright and wet look on any car, truck, SUV, or RV.

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Nice And Wet Shine

Hardcore enthusiasts love the dripping wet look on tires and bumpers. Nice And Wet Tire Shine spreads an even layer of durable protection that shines and enhances the wet look on any rubber or plastic surface. Spray a bead of Nice And Wet tire shine foam and completely coat low-profile tire sidewalls in one quick motion. Cover faded bumper plastic and restore a shiny black look in seconds. Replace the white chalky residue from fender liners and wheel wells with a bright wet shine with one spray. Nice And Wet Tire Shine coats any smooth and textured tires, wheel wells, and plastic bumpers for a bright shine that lasts for weeks.


Easy-To-Use Aerosol Spray Formula

Normal high-shine dressings come in creams and gels that must be spread by hand. Chemical Guys Nice And Wet Tire Shine spray foam evenly spreads a high gloss wet shine on tires, plastic bumpers, and fender liners in seconds. The custom tip sprays a precise foam stream to easily coat thin low-profile tires, large off road tires, wheel wells, or plastic bumper panels with minimal overspray. The thick foam texture stays where it sprays for maximum wet shine with minimum product waste. Application is simple: spray the foam wherever a deep wet shine is needed. That’s it! The even-spread foam absorbs deep into plastic and leaves a glistening wet shine when left to air dry. Wipe off any excess to customize the shine to desired wetness, or layer multiple coats to add extra bright wet shine. The weatherproof formula lasts for weeks of bright wet shine on all tires, bumpers, or wheel wells.


Shines And Protects

Nice And Wet Tire Shine Spray is a high-shine protectant and tire wet. Unlike low grade tire shines, Nice And Wet actively nourishes and protects dried out rubber tires and fender liners, and plastic bumpers. Nice And Wet contains premium essential oils that penetrate deep into plastic and rubber and help prevent cracking and fading. The foam spray dressing enhances a deep-black shine to sun-bleached tires and bumpers, making them look brand new again. Nice And Wet comes blended with UV blocking agents that repel harmful UV rays that break down and damage rubber and plastic. Detailing with Nice And Wet Tire Shine regularly can actually help rubber and plastic pieces last longer and stay looking new and shiny for longer. Choose Nice And Wet Tire Shine Spray for the brightest wet black shine on tires, undercarriage parts, and plastic bumpers.

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Need Help Choosing A Dressing?

Use this comparison chart as a reference.

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How To Use:
  1. Shake well before using.
  2. Hold the can 5 - 10 inches from the surface and mist an even coat over any clean and dry rubber or plastic car part.
  3. Leave to air dry for an extra wet shine, or wipe off excess for natural appearance.
  4. Layer extra coats for extra wet shine.
  5. Can be also be used on plastic fender liners and bumpers.