Professional Auto Drying Water Blade

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Chemical Guys Quick Drying Water Blade Squeegee

Why Buy This Product?

  • Fast and easy spot-free drying
  • Soft scratchless medical-grade silicone
  • Whisks water off in one direction for a smooth, dry surface
  • Works fast on paint, glass, plastic, and more
  • Heavy duty construction
  • Non-slip handle for perfect grip
  • 12 inches of maximum coverage
  • Unique tapered T-bar squeegee blade gently moves water and any light missed dirt after a wash

How It Works

Have a hot date? Need to wash the car before going to the drive-in? Save some time and whip out the Chemical Guys Water Blade! Traditional car drying methods vary in difficulty and material, but they all take a lot of one thing to work: time. Microfiber towels, chamois, and terrycloth all require repeated buffing and dragging across the surface to remove water. To use the Chemical Guys Water Blade, simply whisk it across the surface to pull off all the water. That’s it! The soft medical-grade silicone blade gently removes water for a scratch-free shine on any vehicle. The soft material conforms to vehicle curves and shapes to quickly dry any car, truck, motorcycle, or even RV. Nobody is perfect, and sometimes even professional detailers miss a spot of dirt or dust as they wash a car. The unique T-blade tapers down to a fine squeegee edge to help suspend and collect any missed light dirt to reduce the chances of scratching sensitive paintwork. The large easy-to-grip handle and soft squeegee blade extend 12 inches, making it easy for any professional or enthusiast to use. Dry off paintwork, windshields, windows, metal, and even textured plastic and rubber trim with the Chemical Guys Water Blade. The Water Blade knocks off all the water quickly and easily, saving valuable time at the end of any car wash. Don’t waste any more time drying with towels and chamois. Choose the Chemical Guys Water Blade to quickly and safely dry off any vehicle in just one swipe.

Fastest Car Dryer Available

The Chemical Guys Water Blade is the fastest car drying tool on the market. One swipe of the Chemical Guys Water Blade removes over 97% of standing water from any exterior automotive surface. Traditional towels, chamois, and blowers take a lot of time and energy to buff, absorb, and push water off automotive surfaces. Forget switching between four different towels to cover every square inch of your car. Forget endlessly wringing moldy water out of dirty chamois. Forget running up electric bills and tripping circuit breakers with large car blow dryers. Simply pick up the Chemical Guys Water Blade, and swipe all the water away! In the time it takes to dry the front end with a towel, the Chemical Guys Water Blade can dry an entire car. Wipe away water from all exterior paintwork, windows, metal, and plastic. The Chemical Guys Water Blade is compact, low-maintenance, and easy-to-use. Store it with all the car wash supplies, or in the trunk for fast drying wherever you may detail. Choose the Chemical Guys Water Blade for fast, effective, and safe drying for any car wash or full detail job.

Part Of A Safe Scratchless Drying Method

Swirls are millions of scratches that go in every direction on painted finishes and clear coats. Most swirls and scratches come from improper washing and drying methods and products. Traditional car drying tools like terrycloth towels are not soft enough for painted finishes, and actually scratch paintwork as they are wiped across the surface. The chamois is known for absorbing tons of water, but it does not pick up or trap any dirt leftover dirt, it simply pushes it around like sandpaper over paintwork. Microfiber towels are absorbent and soft enough to dry paint without scratching, but hand buffing a car dry with a towel can take a long time. The Chemical Guys Water Blade is safe, fast, and easy to use. Simply swipe across a panel gently to remove all the standing water in one quick wipe. The super soft medical-grade silicone blade conforms to curved body panels and slide across paintwork without scratching the surface. The unique taper on the T-blade end actively picks up and suspends any light patches of missed dirt from a wash, and helps reduce the risk of scratching sensitive paintwork. The Chemical Guys Water Blade is the fastest and safest car drying blade for any professional or enthusiast detailer.

Convenient Car Drying Tool

The Chemical Guys Water Blade is easy-to-use and low tech. All traditional car drying towels, chamois, and blowers require time and energy to work. The Chemical Guys Water Blade is a simple tool that works in just one swipe across standing water. The Water Blade requires no electricity like a blower, it does not need to be washed or dried like a towel, and it does not need to be wrung out like a chamois. Every swipe removes over 97% of standing water from paintwork, glass, metal, and plastic trim pieces. Cleanup is a breeze! Simply wipe off any excess water or dirt from the silicone blade and plastic handle, then store the Chemical Guys Water Blade with the rest of your car wash supplies. Keep one with the wash buckets and mitt for easy drying after the Sunday morning wash. Leave a Water Blade in the trunk for fast car washes while on a road trip. Clean and dry the windshield and windows for a streak free shine in seconds. Choose the Chemical Guys Water Blade for fast, safe, and convenient drying on any car, truck, motorcycle, or RV.

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How To Use:
  • Wash the vehicle well with your favorite Chemical Guys car wash soap, two bucket method, and premium microfiber car wash mitt.
  • After the final rinse, make sure to remove any remaining car wash soap, dirt, and debris from all exterior surfaces.
  • To dry, lightly touch the flexible silicone edge of the Chemical Guys Water Blade to the surface of the car, and pull the standing water off in one direction.
  • Start at the top of the vehicle, and work to the bottom.
  • Dry off all paintwork, glass, textured plastic trim, and polished metal pieces.
  • For perfect streak-free results, follow up with a premium finishing microfiber towel and your favorite quick detail spray.