Project J97 Paste Wax - Kit, w/ Tool And Applicator In A Box

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Project J97 Paste Wax - Ultra Refined White Brazilian Carnauba Wax
(8 oz in Machined Metal Collector's Jar)


Why Buy This Product?

  • Ultra-refined carnauba paste wax for shimmering wet shine
  • 9 stage filtering process ensures perfect purity
  • Luxurious blend of refined Brazilian white carnauba wax and rare natural oils
  • Used on some of the the finest, rarest, and most expensive cars on Earth
  • Durable formula protects against the elements and enhances a shimmering shine for months on end
  • Presented and preserved in a collectible air-tight machined metal jar
  • Special hex-key wrench included for opening and sealing the airtight lid

About Project J97

Sometimes, it is the unknown which captivates and intrigues us. At Chemical Guys, we seek out the unknown, cultivate it, and develop it into the most innovative products in the industry. We are craft our world-renowned products to serve our customers first: and we deliver the best to the best. Sometimes we meet car collectors and enthusiasts that become more than lifelong customers: they become lifelong friends that inspire us to dream beyond our imaginations and create amazing products. Project J97 was born from a request from a Chemical Guys friend, Mr. Miyazaki, who lives in Japan. Mr. Miyazaki collects some vehicles that are considered priceless—meaning no amount of money could ever replace them. He cares for each car to keep them shining perfectly just like they did when they left the factory, so all of his cars are detailed with Chemical Guys products. While viewing his collection on a trip to Japan, he made a simple request: produce the best wax we possibly could, and consider money no object. The way he sees it: “Cars are like toys. Life may possibly go on without them, but if it did, it just wouldn’t be the same. Anything worth doing is worth doing right, and in complete excess.” His words resonated with us, and spurred us forward with a vision to create a product with the same passion we have for cars. If you’re going to drive a car, drive it fast. Make it scream—let’s see what she’s got! Punch that gas pedal to the floor so you can hear it scream as you race in and out of the canyons. Remember: if you don’t live for the now, you’re not living.

Project J97: What’s In A Name?

Most people don’t believe us when we tell them that it took 97 tries before we came up with the wax formula that rose to Mr. Miyazaki’s challenge. After 96 failed formulas, combinations of different ingredients, and blending processes, we found the perfect one that gave us Project J97. While testing different formulations, we sent samples to friends and customers in 50 countries throughout the world, the first of which was Mr. Miyazaki in Japan, hence the “J” in the product name. When given a challenge, we take it seriously. We wanted to make a product that not only makes the user’s car look unbelievable, but also makes them feel like they invested in the best wax that money could buy.

What Makes This Wax So Good?

While working through 97 different wax formulas, it became evident early on that Project J could only be made with the finest ingredients on Earth. At its core is a pure blend of refined white Brazilian carnauba wax. Without disclosing too much to our competitors, we can tell you that Project J97 has some of the highest carnauba wax contents of any of our formulas. Premium car wax is more than just carnauba, though. We used an unheard of 9-stage filtering process on the wax as we mixed in a proprietary blend of rare oils, fruit and nut extracts, and an Aerospace Industry sealant to enhance the product's durability. Just like in cooking, using the most refined raw ingredients produces the best results: an absolutely stunning shine like no other. Project J97 will make your paint look smooth and glossy with a protective layer that will make water bead and sheet without sticking around to leave water spots. Top it with additional layers for unmatched protection and durability. While durability is based on climate, prep work, and the attention to detailed care you give to your vehicle, extended testing of Project J97 suggests up to 12 months of shine protection. Project J97 is hand made in the USA in limited production runs to ensure that every pot of wax meets the strictest quality standards.


The Coolest Car Wax Deserves The Coolest Container

If we were going to set out to make the best wax that money could buy, we certainly weren’t going to just put it in a plastic jar—that’s just not our style! We set out to make something revolutionary and collectible. Another one of our Chemical Guys friends is a professional motorcycle racer and parts designer. When he saw Project J97 under development, he brought the concept of fashioning the jar to resemble a motorcycle clutch box cover. The design, which was modeled after the cover on his favorite race bike, is designed for a firm grip on the jar as you scoop each coat of wax out at a time. The face of the jar features numerous lines machined out of a solid aluminum block, symbolizing the many roads of life. The polished Chemical Guys skull logo grinning on the front represents the lifestyle that fuels Chemical Guys, and showcases the fact that Project J97 was conceived of and fueled by passion. We wouldn’t go through all this work to have the wax spoil in the jar after being admired on your top shelf for years on end, so we secured the airtight lid to the jar with four bolts that can only be opened with the included tools. This airtight system keeps your product safe, fresh, and free of contamination for as long as you own the product. This wax container, which has been nominated for several industrial design awards, is a work of art; much like the vehicles the product is used on.

Special thanks to Andreas Dazzle Kyrgios for sharing images of DAZZLE Show Car Promotions's Shelby Mustang GT 500 Eleanor and Lamborghini waxed with Project J97.

How To Use:
  • Only open Project J97 with the included key (any other methods of opening could potentially damage the container.)
  • Prepare the surface with a wash and clay bar service.
  • Spread a thin, even coat of Project J97 by hand using a foam wax applicator.
  • Project J97 does not need to dry to a haze; once it is spread over the panel, buff off any residue with a premium microfiber towel.
  • Reseal the container by replacing the cap and gently torquing the included screws down with even pressure around the lid.