Rare Callaway twin turbo

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Rare Callaway twin turbo, overcoming really dull scratched paint without polishing

Canterbury Auto Detail did a great job here. The paint was really dull and scratched but they didn’t want top polish it as polishing removes paint and this is the original paint on a rare collector’s car. So they washed it with clean slate to remove all the previous waxes etc , dried it with a super soft woolly mammoth towel (the best to avoid scratching) , and clayed it with plenty of clay lube . Then they applied Ultimate glaze to really make the paint pop, bring back and add shine, and fill in minor scratches and imperfections in the paint. They are still there, but the glaze hides them so well you can’t really see them. Then they added butter wet wax to add even more shine and protect the paint to keep it looking good and easy to wash and maintain. They also waxes the glass and the wheels. With no polishing simply by applying ultimate glaze and butter wet wax they quickly and easily made this car look amazing for a car show all by hand. Great work Luke!


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