Smart 1700 Carpet Extractor

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Durrmaid Smart 1700 High Performance
Professional Carpet & Upholstery Hot Water Extractor


Why Buy This Product?

  • Commercial duty unit
  • 1700 watt coil heater
  • 212°F hot water temperature
  • Quick change spray tips customize cleaning power
  • 17% increased vacuum power
  • Conical air flow design
  • Extra long 17 ft pressure and vacuum hoses
  • Extra long 17 ft power cord
  • Extra large 3 inch casters
  • Auto shut off features
  • Dirty water filtration system
  • Dual front drain plugs
  • Made in the USA

How It Works

The Durrmaid Smart 1700 Super Hot Water Detail Extractor is a commercial-duty detailing unit designed to effectively clean and remove stains from carpet and upholstery. The Smart 1700 injects super-heated water into carpets and fabrics to break down even the toughest stains, then instantly vacuums the water and dirt away for fast drying time. The innovative hot water detail extractor is built for heavy-duty use for detailing professionals and enthusiasts. The Smart 1700 was designed over 5 years with extensive research and development to make a compact and powerful machine. 

The Durrmaid Smart 1700 is built with durable injection molded plastics with unmatched craftsmanship, and features a 1700 watt coil heater that heats water to 212°F for supreme carpet cleaning. The advanced removable spray tips create the perfect spray pattern to gently clean carpet, seats, and upholstery in any vehicle or throughout the house. The unique design of the Smart 1700 is small, yet packs the power of a larger extractor. The Durrmaid Smart 1700 Super Hot Water Detail Extractor is compact and easy-to-use in all detailing situations. Easily fits in your car, truck, or van to take on any job. The 17 ft. vacuum and pressure hoses allow easy access throughout any size vehicle. The Durrmaid Smart 1700 is a revolutionary design that improves detailing efficiency.

Easily Cleans Dirty Carpet And Upholstery

The Smart 1700 Super Hot Water Detail Extractor cleans the dirtiest carpets and upholstery quickly, efficiently, and easily. The ergonomic design is easy-to-use to handle any detailing situation. Quick release spray tips control the amount of hot water sprayed from the machine; simply swap tips to clean heavily soiled carpet, or sensitive fabric and upholstery. The clear suction wand shows the user the dirt and stains as they are extracted to ensure the best results possible. Quick release vacuum and pressure hoses make setup a breeze, while the reusable waste filter bag saves time when cleaning out the machine. Remove stains and clean any carpet or upholstery using the powerful Durrmaid Smart 1700 Super Hot Water Detail Extractor.

Heavy Duty Construction

The Durrmaid Smart 1700 Super Hot Water Detail Extractor is designed for years of detailing use. Impact-resistant materials forge a strong and lightweight case for rugged dependability and easy transportation. The Durrmaid Smart 1700 Super Hot Water Detail Extractor features an improved vacuum system with 17% more suction power and conical airflow design to tackle the toughest jobs faster than ever. The Durrmaid Smart 1700 Super Hot Water Detail Extractor works great on carpet, upholstery, cloth, and convertible tops for thorough cleaning. 

The Durrmaid Smart 1700 Super Hot Water Detail Extractor is rated for commercial duty use to tackle the biggest detailing jobs on any vehicle. Auto shut off systems shut down the machine when the dirty water tank becomes too full, or the fresh water tank too empty. These systems reduce the chances of overfilling the machine, and save the heating coil and tank plastic from excessive wear and tear. These safety features make the Durrmaid Smart 1700 the safest hot water extractor on the market. The heavy duty design ensures the Smart 1700 lasts for years. The Durrmaid Smart 1700 Super Hot Water Detail Extractor is built in the USA using the highest quality build materials.

Versatile Design

The Durrmaid Smart 1700 Super Hot Water Detail Extractor features an easy-to-use design for the best results when cleaning carpet, fabric, and upholstery. Don’t be fooled by the small size, this unit is powerful! Advanced engineering and manufacturing techniques packaged the power of a large machine in a small unit that is easy to transport and use. 

The 17 ft. power cord is the perfect length to reach the job while plugged into the power outlet. The heavy duty cord and hoses are designed to last for years of detailing. The Durrmaid Smart 1700 Super Hot Water Detail Extractor is also equipped with 17 ft. vacuum and pressure spray hoses that allow the advanced machine to reach inside the largest vehicles. The reusable filter bag element captures large particles to keep them out of the waste water tank for easy cleanup and servicing. Dual drain ports on the front of the machine and wide-mouth waste and freshwater ports make filling and cleaning the machine a breeze. Use the Durrmaid Smart 1700 to easily clean carpets, floor mats, and upholstery in any car, truck, RV, camper, or boat. The Durrmaid Smart 1700 Super Hot Water Detail Extractor is the ultimate extractor machine for any detailing professional or enthusiast.

What's Included

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How To Use:
  • To prepare the Smart 1700 Super Hot Water Detail Extractor:
    • Fill the fresh water tank with clean water, attach both vacuum and pressure hoses, plug in the machine, and flip the 3-way switch to “Heat” function to heat up the water.
      • Once the water is heated, flip the 3-way switch to “Vacuum,” open the fresh water tank, and squeeze the trigger on the extractor wand to spray the clean water back into the tank until it runs hot from the hose.
      • Close the tank when done.
      • Allow 10-15 minutes for water to heat up to 212°F for maximum cleaning power.
    • Prepare carpets and fabrics by vacuuming or brushing out large particles of dirt and trash:
      • Pre-treat heavy dirt and stains with Chemical Guys NONSENSE or Lightning Fast Stain Extractor diluted to suit your needs.
      • Agitate stains with a scrubbing brush by hand or by dual-action polisher.
    • To extract stains and dirt, run the extractor wand over the carpet while squeezing the trigger:
      • Spray the hot water directly into the fabric and immediately vacuum it out with the clear wand as you pull across in one smooth motion.
      • Overlap the previous row by no more than 1/2’’.
      • For best results, go against the grain of the carpet or fabric.
      • Continue until waste water runs clear through the clear wand.
      • Exceptionally-dirty areas may require multiple pre-treatment and extraction steps.
      • Vacuum up any excess water, then let the treated area air dry.
        • The fabrics should finish lightly wet to the touch, not soaking wet, and will dry quickly.
        • For best results, follow up with Chemical Guys Fabric Guard to protect the clean fabrics from future stains and liquid spills.
      • To service the unit, dump out any remaining water from the fresh water tank, open the dual drain ports, and rinse out the wastewater tank:
        • Leave both tanks open to air dry to reduce the chance of mold or mildew growth.
          • Unscrew the vacuum hose inlet to remove the reusable filter element, open the hook and loop screen, and rinse or brush out any large contaminants.
          • When done, reattach all caps and inlets, detach hoses, and spool up power cord for safe transport and storage.