Wash + Wax Car Shampoo with Gloss
Wash + Wax Car Shampoo with Gloss

Wash + Wax Car Shampoo with Gloss

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Wash & Wax Car Shampoo with Gloss

Why Buy This Product?

  • Premium wash & wax in one
  • Delivers a wet look shine
  • 100% surface friendly
  • Super slick washing experience
  • Breaks down dirt and debris

How It Works

Chemical Guys Wash & Wax Car Shampoo saves you time and gives your vehicle a clean, wet, just-waxed shine. Wash & Wax removes dirt and grime without scratching the vehicle's paint. The super slick formula is enriched with a gloss enhancer and wax to deliver a super slick finish to all painted and glass surfaces. A single wash delivers a wet glistening shine and has the added protection of a wax. Use Wash & Wax on paint, glass, gel coat, fiberglass, and plexiglass to maintain a clean, glossy finish with less upkeep.


More Product, Less Cost

It seems simple because it is. From the beginning, Chemical Guys has dedicated our brand to providing our customers, clients, distributors, enthusiasts, and friends with the greatest quality chemicals at the lowest factory discount pricing. By manufacturing our own chemicals, packaging, and labels, we can pass the savings to our customers while doing our part for the environment.

Help Eliminate Swirls And Scratches

When you are done washing your car and ready to dry it, use AfterWash to not only speed the drying process, but also moisturize your paint. 95% of swirls and scratches come from poor wash and drying habits. The advanced lubricating polymers in After Wash glide any premium microfiber towel over paintwork for a scratch-free shine. 

How To Use:
  1. Concentrated and highly versatile 1 oz mixes with 4-5 gallons of water for a superior wash.
  2. Always start by washing the tires and wheels first.
  3. Don't use the same wash water on your car's paint as you do your tires and wheels.
  4. Always wash vehicle when the surface is cool.
  5. Rinse the vehicle with water to remove loose grit and surface dirt.
  6. Start washing from the top down and rinse the car often.
  7. Frequent rinsing is important if you are washing on a warm day.
  8. Do not allow the soapy water to dry on your paint.
  9. Use a final rinse of free-flowing water (nozzle off the hose) allowing the water to sheet.