Wheel Starter Kit

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We get it, there are so many cool products, you don't know where to start. Our Arsenal Starter Kits give you the solid basics to get started on the different areas of detailing. You can add them together like building blocks to build your Chemical Guys Arsenal, and then later over time can mix match try and add individual products to your Arsenal.

This Kit get you set up with your own dedicated wheel bucket:

You get:

1 Bucket and dirt trap to use as a dedicated wheel bucket (dirt trap colour lucky dip). Wash your wheels FIRST. I know, most of us were taught to ash the wheels last because they are the dirtiest, but you don't want to risk spraying brake dust all over your nice paint when you hose it off. Using a separate dedicated wheel bucket and doing the wheels first is how the Pros do it. You also get a selection of brushes. Having the right tools makes cleaning wheels easy and gets great results.

You also get three brushes, a ferret to get in the gaps and clean the full barrel, a soft flat brush to clean the face of the wheel and tyres, and a boars hair detailing brush to clean around the wheel nuts and other hard to clean areas.


Sticky Citrus Gel is a thick viscosity wheel cleaner that clings to wheels and rims, keeping the all-natural formula exactly where you need it fighting dirt and debris without rolling off.

You also get an applicator that varies depending on availability, and a lucky dip tyre shine that varies.


Not Included:

If you have a car that's bad on brake dust we recommend also getting Decon to help remove brake dust, and a wax or sealant to protect the wheels and make them easier to clean.  

If you have very soft wheels that scratch easy we recommend the wheel woolies or gerbil brushes that are softer.