How to apply trim and vinyl dressing

Have you ever seen a newly detailed car with faded trim or vinyl? It totally ruins the whole look! Your vehicle’s trim and vinyl can seem minor, but it makes a huge difference in the overall look of your car. Applying a dressing to your trim or vinyl will give it a deep shine and protect it against grime, dirt and the elements. Follow these simple steps to protect and shine your trim and vinyl!


First, you’re going to want to clean the vinyl, rubber, or plastic surface to which you are applying the dressing. A clean surface means that the dressing will be able to stick to the surface and last its longest. The dressing is going to need something to hold on to. What you’ll be pulling off is not only dirt and grime, but also old dressings that could reduce adhesion. You can either use Trim Clean to clean a trim surface or an all-purpose cleaner like Nonsense to clean a vinyl surface. Simply spray onto a microfiber towel, clean the surface, and then buff off.

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Next, you’re going to want to shake your dressing, then apply 2- 5 sprays or a few drops of dressing directly into a foam or microfiber applicator pad. If you are looking for super precise application, try using a foam applicator. Spread the dressing over the entire surface, then work it and rub it in. Massage it gently like you would skin. This way, you are getting into all the pores of the surface.

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Buff off any excess with a clean microfiber towel. Wait 5 – 10 minutes, then add additional layers as needed. If you happen to get any dressing on your paint or glass, don’t fret. It simply wipes off with a quick detail spray!

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