Where to Start?

Not Sure Where to Start?

First - Start With The Wheels!

You can normally tell a pro detailer by two things at first glance:  1. they have two or more buckets, and 2.  they start with the wheels first. So that's where we are going to start - the wheels.

Video: How to clean the dirtiest wheels:

You really need a range of brushes to clean all of the wheel quickly and properly, as no one brush will get everywhere properly, and mucking around trying without the right range just wastes time and gets poor results. A soft flat brush for the flat surfaces or the wheel, ideally also a stiffer version for the tyres only. A long brush to clean between the spokes and the barrel of the wheel, and a detailer style brush for around the wheel nuts. Having the right gear makes it easy. I have all these in a dedicated wheel bucket with a dirt trap in the bottom. I use normally use sticky wheel gel or diablo which we sell as a concentrate so you need to dilute it in a spray bottle. I also have decon on standby, its not a cleaner but will break the chemical bond of iron from brake dust so that you can remove it, I only tend to use this when I need to. The best thing I've done on my wheels is get them mint and then put max coat wheel sealant on the mags including in the barrel, it makes is soo much easier to clean! Well worth it.

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Next Wash The car with 2 Buckets and Dirt Traps

I think this video is hillarious, and it drives hope a key point.

Here's how to properly wash your car

Decision time - stop now or push on

For a regular wash and dry that's all you really need to do, but if you want to give your car a full detail and really make it looks amazing there's so much more we can do, and its all really easy and so satisfying. You don't need to do these all the time, if you do the next bit right your car will not just look better but will also be easier to clean as well!

What is clay and how to clay (its easy!)


Next I would recommend claying, its so easy and super satisfyingly. Paint is pourous like your skin, and gets clogged with contaminants, this makes it rough, dull and harder to clean, it also makes it hard for products to bond to the paint. Claying is like exfoliating your paint. Id clay the paint, the windows and headlights. There are two things you must use lube for in life and one of them is claying. Always use plenty of clay lube. Tear of 1/3 of a bar and mold it out, you can work really fast, I normally use a medium clay, on a new car I'd use a light clay (even new cars will need a clay as they will have contaminants from the production line, transport to the port, shipping, the dealership, driving home etc)

CLAY - Arsenal Starter Kit
Clay Lube
Clay Bar Light (Blue) 100 Gram
Clay Bar Medium (Gray) 100 Gram
Clay Bar Heavy (Black) 100 Gram

As you clay look at the paint and decide which path you want to go down.

Are you happy with the paint, or are there scratches or areas you want to improve. now is the time to address these before we put anything on to protect the paint. And we have options. There is not "best" way, it comes down to your paint and what you want to do, I'll talk you through how I tend to approach this.

How To approach paint defects

... that's as far as I have got so far, but I'm flat out working on it.

the buttons don't work just yet.. but they will soon. It will be like a choose your own adventure book