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Chemical Guys is distributed in New Zealand by Prodi (Professional Distributors Limited), a New Zealand company, based in Christchurch started in 2016.  


Do you have a store we can visit?  

Not yet.  However we try to give great advice online.  We try to reply quickly and thoroughly, but if you haven't heard back please send us a reminder.  Our support team work from Christchurch.


Help and Advice:

Send us an email If relevant please attach a photo of your car.  

Message us on facebook  or instagram 

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Our phone number is 03-925 8636  But we prefer email or messages as we can attach links to video's and how to guides which are harder to explain on the phone.


Auckland Distribution Center:

13 Timberly Road Mangere, Auckland 2024    

This is a secure site and is not open for visitors.  It's all streamlined to help us get orders out to you as fast as we can.  It's not that exciting to visit anyway, just lots and lots of brown boxes...  

 Prodi Distribution Centre

Thank you for being part of the Chemical Guys family in New Zealand!

 Adam and the team.

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