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    A Foam Cannon goes on a water blaster and gives real thick fine foam, like thick shaving cream.  Our favorite is the Big Mouth, it gives great foam, has heaps of adjustments, a wide opening to make it easy to fill without spilling soap everywhere, and has a cool clear bottle.  All the crew had older foam cannons and we all got new Big Mouths when they came out and we love them.  If You have a smaller water blaster you will probably need an adapter (click here)   If you have a very high pressure industrial water blaster you are better to go with the TORQ Pro, but for most people the Big mouth is the go.  If you are unsure what adapter you need and where it goes this blog will help Fitting Foam Cannons to water blasters: do you need an adapter? Which — lovecarsnz

    Foam guns like the R1 and Blaster 6 go on a normal hose.  These are handy as they are real quick to use, you don't have to have a water blaster, but they foam differently.  You don't get the thick fine foam you get with the Big Mouth the Soap is bigger bubbles, more like bubble bath than shaving cream.  Of the two the R1 is cheaper and works great, but the Blaster 6 is better quality and will use a little less soap.

    Tip for Detailers and fleets:  If you are using these for a work environment we recommend getting 2, so if someone drives over one you have a backup.  

    14 products
    Foam Blaster 6 Wash Gun
    Foam Gun Kit For Normal Hose
    from $132.99
    Snow Foam Kit for Water Blasters - Choose Your Fitting
    from $197.99
    Make it Foam - Foam Gun Kit!
    Big Mouth Max Release Foam Cannon
    TORQ Pro Foam Cannon for High pressure water blasters
    Snubby Spray Foam Gun Attachment
    Adapter for most Royobi, Bosch, Black & Becker, Makita, Michelin, Greenworks G2-6, Some Interslol
    Sold Out
    Nilfisk, Stihl, Husqvarna, Gerni, Greenworks G10-G70 adapter for universal quick release
    Karcher Pro (Easy Force Trigger Gun) Adapter
    Karcher Pro Adapter (M22 female)
    Different waterblaster ends, 5 pack
    Adapter to fit Karcher twist lock and adapt for universal quick release suitable fro foam cannons etc
    TORQ Cannon Replacement Bottles For Pressure Foam Guns (EQP_310)
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