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    What is a Glaze & How to Apply a Glaze

    Glazes are like makeup for cars. While not a permanent fix, glazes are a quick easy way to fill in and hide minor swirls and imperfections and really make your paint pop - learn more in this short video.

    9 products
    Blacklight Glaze - like makeup for black/dark cars 473ml
    White Light Hybrid Radiant Finish (16 oz)
    Wet Mirror Finish (16 oz 473ml)
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    Glossworkz Ultimate Glaze 473ml (16oz)
    Wipe Out Surface Cleanser Spray (16 oz, 473ml)
    EZ Creme Glaze (4 oz 118ml)
    Easy Shine Kit - White, Silver, light Coloured Cars - Quick & Easy Glaze Jetseal & Wax Shine
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