We get it, we have so many awesome products it can be hard to know what products to choose.  We are here to help..

Chat with us by clicking the white speech bubble with 3 dots in the blue circle on the bottom right of this screen, we try to answer fast sometimes we might not be available immediately so make sure you add your email to the chat or our reply might get lost in cyberspace and not get to you!  You can also email us at  Or message us on Facebook  or Instagram


You can send us pictures of your ride and what you are after and we will come back to you with suggestions of the right products, tips and how to videos to help you detail your ride like a pro.

Also check out our awesome detailing school, the lessons are best watched in order (start at the bottom).  Lessons 1-6, "Time For Some Fun" and "Answering Questions" would be the best ones to start with.  Or binge watch them all like Tiger King! 


Oh and please send us your photos and videos of the results that we can share, we love them!!

Thanks for being part of the Chemical Guys Family

Adam and the team

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