Hydrosuds FAQ

Can I wash my car with this product even if I don’t have a ceramic coated car?

Yes of course, Hydro Suds is a SiO2 ceramic infused wash and coating that will work perfectly fine even on surfaces that have not been previously coated. The unique Hydro Suds formula is infused with ceramic coating technology and adds protection while washing the vehicle.

What is the pH of Hydro Suds?

Hydro Suds is pH neutral. It is developed to add protection while providing mounds suds to clean your vehicle while the high-lubricity formula is engineered to help reduce introducing scratches!

Will Hydro Suds strip off my existing wax or sealant?

Hydro Suds works great with your existing wax or sealant and will not strip it off, it will actually enhance them! Used with a bucket or in a foam cannon Hydro Suds washes without stripping existing waxes or sealants.

My soap I usually use leaves residue and film. Will HydroSuds do the same?

Most soaps are very thick and contain a mixture of many kinds of detergents and surfactants that often can leave residue. Hydro Suds does not look like a normal soap because, it’s not a traditional soap! The extreme slick, high-lubricity formula is very unique and will not leave a residue or film. This advanced formula enables you to wash your vehicle with less water and less rinsing. The streak-free formulation helps reduce friction while you wash and helps speeding up the drying process.

If I am using a bucket for my wash how much soap do I need?

Pour 1-2oz. of Hydro Suds into a bucket and fill it with 3-4 gallons of water. We always recommend you use a Cyclone Dirt Trap in bucket car wash filter when you wash.

If I like to wash my car every week with Hydro Suds is that ok?

Yes you are welcome to use Hydro Suds as often as you like it will not strip you existing Hydro Charge spray coating, waxes or sealants.