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Example product

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Polishing kit - Adaptable polishing Kit/(1,2,and 3 step)

Polishing kit -  Adaptable polishing Kit/(1,2,and 3 step)

Polishing kit - Adaptable polishing Kit/(1,2,and 3 step)

Regular price $1,346.99

This Kit covers off what's in our 1 and 2 step polishing kits in one kit, which also gives you what you need for a 3 step if needed.  Perfect for professional detailers who don't know how bad the paint will be on their next job.  With this kit you are ready for whatever comes. Try a small test spot with the V36 and orange pad first, if that gets you the result you need you can do a one step and so halve your polishing time.  If it doesn't take enough out then if you want you can step it up the the yellow and 3v21 to remove deeper defects, this will then require a second step of the white pads and v38.  You have 4 of each pad to cover you for a whole car, but if doing it professionally we recommend getting a few extra pads.  You might want to add a few pads and polishes not in the kit later to add to your arsenal and give even more flexibility, like the green pads and V34, this kit however in one kit gives you everything you need to get started and cover yourself. 

Importantly it also comes with pad conditioner, some soft microfiber cloths to wipe down Pad cleaner and a pad cleaning brush.  make sure you swap pads about 1/4 of the way through a car to keep using cooler unclogged pads or you risk doing damage, destroying your pads, and having the job take longer.  Make sure to clean your pads the same day so that polish doesn't dry inside the pads creating hard spots inside the foam that can cause damage and reduce pad life.

Happy polishing!


Note:  To keep this kit available for you we may change the colour of the Microfiber Cloths due to supply challenges (same cloths just different colour)


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