Answering Your Questions - Thought Process, How to Aproach Paint Defects


Here we try and answer the questions from the last 4 days of lockdown detailing school, mostly around how to find the right approach for paint corrections, polishing, water spots, and glazes. Thanks for your support and being part of the Chemical Guys Family in NZ!

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  • Adam

    Hi Bevan, Adam here, thanks for watching and being part of the chemical guys family! Great question. VSS is an all in 1 products to compound and polish. It will remove light scratch and swirl marks without the need for a second step polish. But that also takes away the flexibility, you cant step it up if the scratches are deeper like you can with the V line, so if the scratches are deeper you might not get them all out. VSS is a great product, an all in 1 1 step. But to have the full flexibility having the V 32,34,36,38 range allows you to compound/polish as much or as little as you need. I would prefer to go the V line, the V36 and V38 is a great combo. Remember the polishing results come down to the combination or the polish and the pad and the machine. Changing the pad will also change the results like changing to polish. The V07 is also an awesome product. If comes down to how deep the scratches are, and how many steps you want to take. Hope this helps. let us know how you get on Cheers, Adam and the team.

  • Bevan

    Hey man, great vid. Two questions..
    Have never used a glaze just polish and a good wax. I assume the glaze process goes between them?
    Also regarding polishes I have got the v04 polish sealant. Am I better to use the v36 and then a v38 Where does the VSS slip into the deal??? Cheers man, Bevan

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