Lesson 17 - How To Polish Glass

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 As requested by Rhys, Here's a video on how to polish glass.  Polishing Glass is a lot like polishing paint, but glass is a lot harder.

Not sure what polishing machine to use.  Our new favourite by far is the Rockcar15.  It's the goldilocks polisher, not too big, not too small.  High quality, great weight and lots of features to make it safer to use, like cutting out if you put too much pressure on, or dropping back to zero speed when you turn it off and on again.  A great polisher.  The smaller Rockcar 12 is a great machine as well, but if you can make it work the 15 is the best in our opinion. 

 Check it out here  



1 comment

  • karen w

    nice job! probably a silly question but do you do the same on the other side of the glass? also how about the tinted window? Tks.

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