Lesson 2- What Is Clay And How Do You Clay A Car?


There are few things as satisfying as claying a car. Paint is porous and absorbs all sorts of contamination, claying removed those to give you a noticeably smoother paint that you can really feel, and even hear. Its much quicker and easier than many people think, you can also clay your windscreen and clear plastic like headlights. - check out this video to learn what clay is and how to clay your car.


  • adam

    Hey Stu, Do you mean water spots? If water spots are no the surface Id recommend our water spot remover, here’s a link, theres a video on the linked page that i did last lockdown showing how to use it and the results https://www.chemguys.co.nz/products/waterspotremover
    That will remove surface water spots, but not if they have etched in. here is a video where I explain https://www.chemguys.co.nz/blogs/lockdown/lockdown-detailing-school-answering-your-questions-thought-process-how-to-aproach-paint-defects

    I hope this helps! Thanks for being part of the Prodi family, Adam and the team.

  • Stu

    Can I use clay to remove wayer marks off the paint

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