3 Inch Flex Pro Professional Backing Plate With Drill & Da Adapters

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Flex Pro Backing Plate with Drill and Dual Action Adapters (3 Inch)

Why Buy This Product?

  • Molded urethane backing plate
  • Adapters fit for power drills and DA polishers
  • Fits power drills that accept round drill bits
  • Fits DA polishers that accept 5/16” threaded accessories
  • Hook and loop attachment for your favorite buffing and polishing pads
  • Flexes to curves and contours
  • Ideal for use with 3”-5” buffing pads
  • Always be sure to use appropriate counterweight if necessary

About This Backing Plate

The Flex Pro Backing Plate Kit turns any power drill into a polishing machine. If you’ve got plenty of small polishing pads and accessories lying around and hard-to-reach car parts that need polishing, set them to work on your compact cordless power drill! The Flex Pro ships with two backing plate adapters: one attaches to the shank in your trusty power drill, and the other screws into the 5/16” thread in your favorite dual action polisher. The compact 3” backing plate slips into any hard-to-reach spot around door jambs, headlight curves, A-pillars, polished B-pillar sills, grilles, vents, louvers, fender flares, wheels, exhaust tips, and anywhere else a bulky rotary polisher can’t fit. The durable molded urethane backing plate lasts for years of dependable detailing use, and the beveled edge slips into low-profile hard-to-reach spots around door handles and roof racks. Use your favorite buffing pads as small as 3” on the Flex Pro Backing Plate for spot-on accurate polishing on any faded paintwork around the car. With the Flex Pro Professional Backing Plate Kit, there is no excuse for swirls or scratches in any of those hard-to-reach spots around your vehicle.

Equipped For Compatibility

The Flex Pro Backing Plate ships with both drill and dual action adapters for use with most power drills, or DA polishers that accepts 5/16” threaded accessories. The backing plate is made with molded urethane and grabs onto buffing pads with the solid grip hook and loop system. The Flex Backing Plate minimizes heat transfer while flexing to every curve and contour for superior even polishing results. The Flex Pro Backing Plate and Adapter Kit is a unique and versatile kit with interchangeable adapters. One attaches the backing plate any round power drill chuck, and the other attaches to any 5/16” DA polisher output shaft. Work with any cordless or corded power drill, or your favorite dual action polisher like the TORQ10FX, TORQX, or Porter Cable 7424XP with the Flex Pro Professional Backing Plate Kit.

Built For Detailing Flexibility

The Flex Pro backing plate is custom designed for enhanced flexibility and safety when polishing around automobile curves and contours. The backing plate runs slightly smaller than buffing pads, which leaves a generous lip of foam to protect the painted surface. Even if you accidentally turn the pad on its side, there is a cushion of soft buffing pad foam and the beveled edge of the urethane backing plate. The threaded post adapter fits any polisher with a 5/16” threaded diameter, and the drill chuck adapter shaft enables it to work great with any cordless or corded power drill. Use the backing plate preferred by some of the world’s leading car manufacturers for final finishing touches at the end of the assembly line. The Flex Pro Backing Plate slips into any hard-to-reach spot to remove unsightly swirls and scratches in and around the vehicle.

Built For Tough Correction Power

Think of paint like skin: swirls are tiny scratches in the surface of the paint, but if you gently exfoliate the damaged paintwork, you’ll remove all the scratches. Back up a polishing pad with the Flex Pro Professional Backing Plate for the perfect amount of support and friction for the correction power to cut away swirls, scratches, and oxidation. Slap the Flex Pro Backing Plate on your trusty power drill or favorite DA polisher to remove deep defects, restore clarity, and enhance glossy shine and deep reflections in any weathered paint finish. Try out the Flex Pro Backing Plate yourself, and see why professionals and hardcore detailing enthusiasts choose these durable yellow backing plates for intense paint correction jobs.

What Machines Is This Backing Plate For?

The 3” Flex Pro Dual Action Backing Plate fits any power drill that accepts round drill bits, and DA polishers that accept 5/16’’ - 24 spindle accessories:

  • TORQ10FX
  • Porter Cable 7424XP
  • Griot’s Polisher
  • Meguiar’s G110
  • Meguiar’s MT300

  • Please consult your machine manufacturer to find appropriate counterweight.

    How To Use:
    • Open the power drill chuck and slip the straight adapter shank into the hole.
    • Lock it down with a solid tight grip and test for any loose play.
    • Gently screw the Flex Pro Backing Plate onto the threaded shank adapter and test for solid grip.
    • For use with DA polishers, use the wrench supplied with the machine to lock the 5/16” threaded adapter into the machine output, then screw the molded urethane Flex Pro Backing Plate onto the threaded adapter.