Wheel Kit 4 - Adding dedicated wheel bucket and dirt trap

Wheel Kit 4 - Adding dedicated wheel bucket and dirt trap

Wheel Kit 4 - Adding dedicated wheel bucket and dirt trap

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If you are going to clean one thing to make your car look better its the wheels.  Clean wheels make such a difference, and having the right gear makes it so much easier.  At a basic level you need a decent wheel cleaner and three different quality brushes to reach the different parts of the wheel easily, a barrel brush for between the spokes and to clean the full barrel, a soft flat brush to clean the surface of the wheels, and a quality detail brush to clean around the wheel nuts and tricky corners of the mags.  With this range if brushes the job is easy, take one away and you will have a section of the wheel that you spend ages trying to clean.  its a lot easier with the right gear.  You get all this in wheel kit 1.    





Wheel Kit 1 - the basics.  Includes:

Sticky Citrus Gel is a thick viscosity wheel cleaner that clings to wheels and rims, keeping the all-natural formula exactly where you need it fighting dirt and debris without rolling off!

Choice if either Soft or Natural Boar Hair, Or Hard Chemical Resistant Detailing Brush for cleaning around the wheel nuts and corners of the mag wheels.   Boars' hair is a natural product, it is nature's most durable hair, and sheds less than horse hair, making it very popular with professional groomers.  Boar hair contains the same protein as human hair, keratin, and is similar in structure but thicker.  It is stronger and more durable.  The Soft brush is softer, the Hard Chemical Resistant brush is much firmer and harder, and will resist chemicals.  The right choice depends on personal preference and your wheels, all brushes work well.  

Soft short Wheel & Engine Bay Brush this is the brush you need to best scrub the face of mag wheels, cleaning engine bays and more delicate surfaces where you need a brush but you want the brush to be soft.  Chemically resistant and durable bristles and handle, a must have to make light work of rougher jobs.   Can also be used to clean rubber and plastic, but we recommend also having our stiff version of this brush here as well which will clean dirty tyres faster. 


Soft wheel barrel Brush super soft low scratch risk bristles clean well while being soft to your wheels, and bend down as needed allowing you to fit into the tiniest of gaps, perfect for wheels with low clearance, tight gaps, large calipers, etc.  The rubber end car protects wheels from scratching if the tip accidentally hits something while cleaning, and the rubber ring above the grip protect your hand from accidentally going bashing your knuckles against the rims if you get a bit too excited cleaning.  The brush moves easily and the long bristles fend and flex to fit through gaps and to maximize leverage and agitation, allowing you to clean better.  A great brush prefect for your detailing arsenal.  OR a Chemical Guys Red Rocket Brush


Wheel Kit 2 - Adds tyre shine:  

Has everything in wheel kit 1, Plus our popular tyre kicker trim shine and a wave applicator to apply the tyre shine easily with a wave pattern to get it into the grooves of the tyre evenly and without getting sticky fingers.



Tire Kicker Extra Glossy Tire Shine (473ml 16oz)  Tire Kicker is a sprayable water-based dressing that allows anyone to recreate that kickable bright wet shine of brand new cars on tires and other rubber, vinyl, and plastic around your car. 


Wave Tyre & Trim Applicator Our go to applicator tor tyres and plastic trim.  Use it  to apply an even layer of tyre shine or restore plastic and trim.  The wave patter helps spread the product more evenly and is especially good at getting it into grooves and texture, like on a tyre for example or other uneven surfaces.  



Wheel Kit 3 - Adds Decon for brake dust:

Wheel Kit three has everything in wheel kit 2, Plus Decon to help remove stubborn brake dust.   
Decon Pro - Decontamination & Iron Remover (473ml 16 oz)  DeCon Pro is the specialty color-changing gel that removes stubborn brake dust, iron deposits, and other embedded metallic contamination from wheels and body panels before they can destroy your car!


Wheel Kit 4 - Adds a dedicated wheel bucket and dirt trap:

Having a dedicated wheel bucket isn't necessary but it does make it easier and is something you see most professional detailers do to make cleaning more efficient and to avoid cross decontamination, especially with brake dust.  is the sign of a true professional.  Kit 4 have everything in kit 3, and adds a quality ultra clear chemical guys bucket and a dirt trap to help trap dirt and brake dust at the bottom of your backet to reduce scratches.  The colour of the dirt trap may vary with availability.


The Ultra Clear Detailing Bucket makes it easy to see right through so you know exactly when it’s time to drain your bucket and refill it with fresh, clean water. It’s the best way to make sure that your ride stays scratch-free!


Cyclone Dirt Trap-Car Wash Bucket is a car wash filter that uses nearly 300 cyclonic funnels to trap dirty wash water under the filter and keep abrasive particles off your brush or mitt for the perfect scratch-free wash.



Wheel Kit 5 - Adds a stiff short trye scrubbing brush:

The soft short brush included in all the other wheel kits will clean the mag wheel and tyre well, but to really clan the rubber tyre this stiffer brush will be a better job faster.  Only for the tyres and not for use on the mag wheels as it may scratch.  Wheel Kit 3 has everything in the other kits and also this stiff shorter brush giving you the perfect dedicated wheel bucket.


These are our picks to start your wheel cleaning arsenal.  We also have a range of other brushes, wheel cleaners and tyre trims to allow you to adapt to your ride and the look you want.  It's fin to try new products and add to your detailing arsenal, check out our other wheel cleaning and brush products as well.  These kits are our pick to give you the best options to get started and get great results.  And remember always start with the wheels so that you don't risk slashing brake dust or wheel grime on clean paint when rinsing off your wheels.   Another great reason to have a dedicated wheel bucket with dirt trap.


Happy detailing!

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